A Globally Engaged University

The Office of Global Strategies is committed to increasing the international presence of The Catholic University of America as a research institution, and supporting initiatives that engage faculty and students in experiences in research, teaching, and learning throughout the world.

The world is more interconnected than ever before, and the benefits of an international education are invaluable. With this interconnectivity in mind, all members of The Catholic University of America full-time faculty are encouraged to lead international research programs, participate in international collaborations, and conduct research both on-campus with international colleagues, and abroad at host institutions that share common educational goals and topics of interest. 

Catholic University graduate students are encouraged to engage in international research symposiums or  conferences and, when possible, to join research projects that will expand their horizons of learning. 

Undergraduate students are invited to join our study abroad at our campus in Rome, or through CUAbroad at one of the University’s partner institutions through a student exchange program. 

Through all of these efforts, the Office of Global Strategies hopes to assist in the creation of a globally-minded community committed to the open exchange of ideas and knowledge.

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Internationalization also means more than just traveling abroad or having an “international experience;” it includes both respect and appreciation for other cultures and traditions who want to work with us. With that respect and appreciation comes the invitation for other cultures and traditions to participate in the life of The Catholic University of America. The Office of Global Strategies through our International Student and Scholar Services supports those international students who join us and celebrates the values and points of view they bring to our community. Likewise, our Intensive English Program allows our newest students to strengthen their English language skills so they can participate more fully in campus life and within the wider Washington, DC community, one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Together we will be a more global Catholic University!